As we prepare ourselves for the start of FY20, staff for the Core-A Global Sales Engineering and Professional Services teams will gather prior to Sales Kick Off in the Executive Briefing Center at Progress HQ in Bedford, MA for our one and a half day Core-A Hackathon - Hacking Success 2020.  The theme for the hackathon is Collaboration and Cross-sell across all Progress' products to advance the corporate vision of Cognitive First development.

The Hackathon will take the form of teams of 5 people, dynamically formed at the start of the Hackathon, based on project submissions made prior to the event. (Please consider making a submission through the submissions tab on this DevPost website). You will get to decide which pitch you want to collaborate on, working with your colleagues towards the dlivery of your solution to the whole hackathon on Sunday morning.  A minimum of two Progress products (from anywhere within the Progress family) should be selected - but feel free to innovate as you consider how you can add excitement to the Cognitive First vision.  Please check out the 'Rules' area of this website for further details and ideas related to your submissions.

The hackathon will offer you all a chance to meet technicians from across the Americas, working with various products and innovations.  You'll have the opportunity to collaborate and contribute in a relax and fun environment - with emphasis on your creativity and learning.

On Sunday, you and your team will showcase your project (8 minutes maximum!) to the wider Hackathon - where the top two pitches will be selected to go through to the next round - the opportunity to show off your ideas and present to the wider Sales Kick Off gathering later in the week at SKO.  During that SKO session, the overall winning team will be selected by the whole conference for the chance to go to Progress Next in Boston in June 2020 where you and your team will compete with the winning team from the International SKO for the chance to be crowned global champion*.


*See the side bar for details relating to prizes and key restrictions.


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Attendance at Progress Next 2020 for you and your partner (2)

The winning team for the Hackathon, selected during the main Global Sales Kickoff event, will be invited, along with their spouse/partner/friend*, to attend Progress Next 2020 in Boston - please see link for details:

* restrictions apply - please see welcome email for details

Progress Branded bluetooth speaker (2)

The top two Hackathon submissions, as well as receiving peer recognition from your technical colleagues, will each receive a Progress branded bluetooth speaker.

Hacking Success 2020 Sweatshirt (6)

All participants of Hacking Success 2020 will receive a branded sweatshirt during the Hackathon. Please ensure that you have given the correct shirt-size during your SKO registration.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


To attend the Hackathon you must have been authorised by your manager to attend both the Sales Kick Off event and have received an invitation email to attend the Hackathon.  At this time, only Core-A Sales Engineers and a select number of people from the Core-A Professional Services team have been invited - please do not forward your invitation.  If you feel you should be invited to the event, you should first speak with your manager then drop an email to and we can discuss your attendance.


Submissions should take the form primarily of a pitch of your solution, which should last no longer that 8 minutes per team. Please keep your Submission details updated throughout your Hackathon as this will be used, in conjunction with your presentation, to help the judges make their decision. It's up to you to be as creative as you like with your pitch but you may wish to consider the following:

  • Background to your pitch - what is the buisness and technical challenge? Is the challenge based on a real opportunity or project you're working on or an idea of how we could go to market in FY2020? how do you proposed to solve it, how far did you get during the hackathon, what are the next steps likely to be
  • Use of technology (hardware and software) - emphasise which Progress products in particular you used and any external hardware or software used to make your solution a success (please note restrictions related to non-expensable hardware and software)
  • Diversity of your team - showcase how you've used this experience to demonstrate diversity and collaboration to encourage cross geography and department team work


John Goodland

John Goodland
Tech Field Enablement, Global

Gary Clink

Gary Clink
Global Tech Head

Alex Oliveri

Alex Oliveri
Professional Services Director, Americas

Judging Criteria

  • Product Use
    A minimum of two Products from across the Progress Portfolio. Use of more products is strongly encouraged, using WUG and MoveIT in combination with other products is especially beneficial and will be awarded bonus points.
  • Presentation Style
    It's up to you how you choose to pitch your overall solution, but points will be awarded for innovative and entertaining presentation styles.
  • Team Diversity
    Seek out colleagues form different geographies, products and day-to-day job roles. Remember to emphasise the make up of your team at the start of your pitch, who the members are and the parts they played within your team.
  • Innovation
    Think outside the box and come up with innovative and creative ideas. Feel free to incorporate technologies but note you may not expense any additional hardware or software.
  • Peer
    Points will be awarded based on the popularity of your pitch from amongst your fellow Hackathon peers.
  • Originality
    Although it's tempting to start a hackathon with a project you may have worked on previously, points will be awarded for Originality - you're strongly encouraged to work on something new.

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