The Rules of the Hackathon are simple - look to have fun, collaborate and get to know people from across the spectrum of Progress's technologies to expand your learning of products you may not regularly work with.

  • Project submissions should be made throught the DevPost site. following submissions, Team Leads for the selected projects will be notified and asked to formulate and develop pitch ideas ready for the start of the Hackathon.
  • Selected submissions will be made available on December 1st so you will have time to review the selected projects, but please wait until the start of the Hackathon (following each team's pitch) prior to attempting to form teams.
  • Team of 5 people will be dynamically formed following the pitches by the team leads. Please seek to work with people you've perhaps never worked with before - Ipswitch people, seek out Progress people and vice versa, Professional Services seek out Sales Engineers and vice versa (Note: checked out the 'Rules' section of the DevPost website related to Diversity to boost your overall chance of winning).
  • The use of at least two Progress Products (from anywhere within the Progres portfolio, not just Core-A products) should be used - with the view to expanding the Cognitive First vision
  • Give thought not just to your technical solution(s) but also how you will present your solutions to the wider hackathon team on Sunday, and if you move to the next round, the wider Sales Kick Off Conference.
  • During the Hackathon, you should update your submission on the DevPost website to support the judging criteria (e.g. information regaridning Diversity or the Products used or the Business purpose of your solution).
  • Facilities will be provided in and around the Executive Briefing Center, including rooms and food at appropriate times of the day. Please don't wander off too far though from the area though.
  • Pitches will start at 9am on Saturday with teams being formed around about 9:30am - as much as possible try not to form teams before you've heard the pitches.  It's tempting to seek to work with your friends and colleagues, but use this experience as an opportuity to meet new people and expand your technical knowledge of products beyond those you use on a daily basis
  • The Hackathon will end on the first day around 5:30pm and we will resume again on Sunday morning at 9am with presentations beginning at 11:30am and we will seek to wrap up around lunchtime.  It's up to each of you within your team to manage your own time and allocate responsibility for your pitch. 

Remember, you'll get out of the event as much as you put into it - please seek to participate fully and above all enjoy the experience.